Project Inception: March, 2011
Project Revised: June, 2012
Project Completion: September, 2015

Mymensingh Strategic Development Plan (MSDP) Project, 2011-2031

Step 14 :: Fire Map
  • Prepare Physical Feature Map of Municipality For Fire Service and civil Difence    
  • Map Print    
  • Sketch Drawn By Fire Service and civil Difence on Map at PRA    
  • Data Collected from Fire Service and civil Difence through PRA    
  • Scan Map    
  • Georeference Map    
  • Prepare & Update Database for fire escape Route    
  • Prepare fire incidence .shp file and database    
  • Prepare Map and Print    
  • Analyze Fire Incidence Data and Find out Hot Spot    
  • Prepare Escape Route     Download All Map
  • Finalize Fire Escape Route