Project Inception: March, 2011
Project Revised: June, 2012
Project Completion: September, 2015

Mymensingh Strategic Development Plan (MSDP) Project, 2011-2031

Step 2 :: Dizitize & Field Check
  • Prepare .shp file for Digitization With Arc GIS    
  • Physical Feature Digitization from Image    
  • Prepared Map from Image Digitization for Field Check and Data Collection     Download Map
  • Physical Feature Survey and Data Collection with the help of Previously Digitized map    
  • GIS Database Prepare and Update from Collected Field Data    
  • Field Check By MSDP Team    
  • Additional Building Data Collection By MSDP Team    
  • Floor wise Building Data Collected from Field By MSDP Team    
  • GIS Database Prepare and Update By MSDP Team    
  • Physical feature database    
  • Building use Decleration    
  • Landuse database    
  • Important point Feature database    
  • Road Network Database    
  • Waterbody Database    
  • Drainage database    
  • Embankment,Bridge, Culvert Database    
  • Admin boundary Demarcation     Download Map
  • KPI Demarcation    
  • Educational Structure demarcation    
  • Religious Facilities Demarcation    
  • Ward wise Database prepare    
  • Ward wise Database and Map Print    
  • Varification of Ward wise database and Map from Municipality     Download Map
  • Wardwise map Prepare and Print    
  • Para/ Neighborhood Demarcation From BBS    
  • Field Check of Para/ Neighborhood Demarcation    
  • Reform/Correction and Update of Para/ Neighborhood Boundary    
  • Parawise Database Preparation    
  • Parawise Map prepare and Print    
  • Varification of Para wise database and Map from Municipality    
  • Unionwise Database prepare    
  • Specify Growth centers from unions    
  • Map Prepare and Print fron Union Database    
  • Field check of two Union and 10 Specific Growth cener     Download Map
  • Database of Unions and Growth Centers are Corrected and Updated    
  • Print Growth Center and Union Database    
  • Print Unionwise Map    
  • Sample Field check of Different database    
  • Analysis of Different Database    
  • Map Preparation From Different Database     Download Map
  • Print Map