Project Inception: March, 2011
Project Revised: June, 2012
Project Completion: September, 2015

Mymensingh Strategic Development Plan (MSDP) Project, 2011-2031

Step 6 :: Geological Map
  • Geological Survey (SPT, Borehole, MT, MSAW)     Download All Map
  • Geological Survey Checking By MSDP Team    
  • Collection and Analysis of Geological Data    
  • Raster Data Preparation    
  • .shp file Prepared from Raster data    
  • Database Prepare for all type of Geological Survey    
  • Synchronization of all Type of Geological Data    
  • Geological Map Prepared and Print    
  • Explanatory Map prepared from analysis of Geological Data    
  • Height Sensitive Map Prepared from Geological Data     Download All Map
  • Foundation Depth map Prepare     Download All Map
  • Soil Layer Map Prepare     Download All Map
  • Earthquake map Prepare    
  • Earthquake Intensity Map Prepare    
  • Varification of Geological Data from Expart    
  • A 2 Days Workshop on Geological Data and Map    
  • Re-Explanatory Map prepared from analysis of Geological Data    
  • Re Prepare of Height Sensitive Map    
  • Re Prepare Foundation Depth map    
  • Re Prepare Soil Layer Map    
  • Re Varification of Geological Data from Expart    
  • Re Prepare Earthquake map     Download All Map
  • Re Prepare Earthquake Intensity Map    
  • Finalization of Geological Map     Download All Map
  • Prepare Earthquake Impact Analysis Map Based on Building Height     Download Map
  • Demak Hot spot Zone After Earthquake