Project Inception: March, 2011
Project Revised: June, 2012
Project Completion: September, 2015

Mymensingh Strategic Development Plan (MSDP) Project, 2011-2031











Information Dissemination Pre-Gazette Notification Scenario Documents
01Hydrological Aspect of Mymensingh Pourashava Download now
02Integration of Social Space in MSDP Project Download now
03PRA_Presentation Download now
04Structure Plan Procedure Download now
05Survey Methodology Download now
1Work Plan ReportView Reports
2Inception ReportView Reports
3Art CompetionView Reports
4PRA Urban & Rural ReportView Reports
5PRA Bangla With IndicatorView Reports
6Socio Economic and Other ReportView Reports
7Socio Economic Report On Checked DataView Reports
8Draft Report On Socio Questionary SampleView Reports
9Mouza Digitization ReportView Reports
10Physical Feature Process ReportView Reports
11Drainage ReportView Reports
12Engineering Geological ReportView Reports
13Transport ReportView Reports
14Draft Structure Plan ReportView Reports
15Draft Project Completion ReportView Reports
16BNBC considerationView Reports
17Policy Structure Plan ReportView Reports
Procedural List of Structure Plan Map Preparation
1Image 2Dizitize & Field Check 3Mauza Map
4Agricultural Map 5DEM 6Geological Map
7Soil Map 8Tree 9Urban Road
10Eco Sensitive Land 11Mental Map 12Network Analysis
13Drainage Map 14Fire Map 15Crime Map
16Ecological Sensitive Map 17Regional Road Network 18Regional Growth Center
19Draft Structure Plan