Project Inception: March, 2011
Project Revised: June, 2012
Project Completion: September, 2015

Mymensingh Strategic Development Plan (MSDP) Project, 2011-2031

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Art Competition

1        Introduction

1.1       Background Information    

Realizing the necessity for a paradigm shift in disaster management from its conventional response and relief management approach to a more comprehensive risk reduction culture, the Government of Bangladesh along with its development partners designed and implemented the Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP) Phase-I during 2003-2009. The goal of CDMP-I was to strengthen the capacity of the Bangladesh disaster management system to reduce unacceptable risks and improve response and recovery activities. CDMP-I followed a all hazard, all risk and all sector approach and the elements of CDMP-I were implemented through strategic, technical and implementation partnership arrangements with different 100 entities or organisations. After successful completion of CDMP-I, the phase-II has been launched.


CDMP-II (2010-2014) is a vertical and horizontal expansion of its Phase-I activities designed based on the achievements, lessons learned and the strong foundation laid during CDMP-I by continuing the processes initiated, deriving actions from the lessons learned, utilizing knowledge resources generated and knowledge products published. The approach of CDMP-II is to channel support through government and development partners, civil society and NGOs into a people-oriented disaster management and risk reduction partnership. That partnership will promote cooperation, provide coordination, rank priority programmes and projects, and allocate resources to disaster management activities, risk reduction activities and climate change adaptation activities in Bangladesh.


Considering above mentioned conceptual frame-work of CDMP-II, a pilot project on preparing a module for mainstreaming disaster risk preventive measures into comprehensive Land Use development planning and management for Mymensingh (Municipality) Strategic Development Plan (MSDP) for twenty years (2011-2031) time-span has been formed between CDMP-II and Urban Development Directorate (UDD).


As part of the project activity, it is necessary to be familiar with the local environment and building rapport with the local people, civil society and stakeholders to involve them into the development process actively and ensuring people’s participation to prepare a demand driven plan for Mymensingh Municipality. Ensuring people’s participation into the planning process of MSDP would fulfill the need, aspiration of the people, which would be acceptable to the local people.  Keeping this view in mind, a step was taken towards arranging an art competition for the children, to create awareness in the project area relating to development planning, build rapport and to be oriented with the local people, civil society and stakeholders; also arranging a PRA session and a workshop to identify problems and probable solution to the problem of Mymensingh and to know the people’s view, attitude and aspiration about development of their own town.

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